We tried out the Samsung Galaxy S10 for 24 hours: here are our favourite things about it

While we don't normally shout from the rooftops about our love for technology here at IMAGE HQ, our interests are always piqued when we're presented with a shiny new device to help make our lives a little easier. And that came in a beautiful little package with the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S10 to our doorstep this week.

Samsung sent us the brand new model to use for 24 hours and report back with how we found it. We charged it up, turned it on and went around snapping and scrolling for the day, to see how it compared to our usual techy toys.



In a word? It's amazing. But we know you probably want all the details, so we've narrowed it down to our five favourite features, and why they made us fall in love with the Samsung Galaxy S10.


The Infinity display

The Galaxy S10 has what's called an 'Infinity O-Display', which, simply means that the display is as wide as possible. You know how your phone might have a curved design, but a flat screen on top? The Galaxy S10's display wraps right around from edge to edge —  meaning the display, and your experience of it, is as clear and uninterrupted as possible. There's no home button, with just a cut-out for the voice receiver and the front camera just slots in unseen, which results in a really beautiful screen display.

The battery life

The big downfall with today's ultra-intelligent smartphones is that all that power has to go somewhere. Constantly carrying around a charger has just become a given, but the Galaxy S10 brings a welcome change from that. This phone learns to your daily habits (more on that in a second) and adapts to them, powering down the apps you don't need, saving battery life where it can, and leaving you with a full day's juice as a result.


While your phone stays on, a friend's might run out throughout the day. So what can you do? Wireless Powershare. This really cool feature allows you to power up certain Qi-certified devices and some Samsung wearable devices (like your Galaxy buds) from your phone, simply by placing them on top of it. Voila — wireless charging.

The cameras (plural)


The Galaxy S10's cameras are the real pull here. With no less than four lenses, the S10 gives you every option you could possibly need to capture the moment perfectly. There’s a Telephoto camera for zooming, a wide-angle camera for everyday moments and an ultra-wide camera for panoramic landscapes. The features that this phone can capture are out of this world, and it has tonnes of fun little ways to make it pop even more — the ultra slow-mode setting was particularly cool to use around the office.

It learns your habits — but not in a creepy way

As we mentioned earlier, the Galaxy S10 learns your daily habits to make the phone adapt to you. What does that mean? Well, the apps you use, when you use them, and for how long are all learned by the Galaxy S10, which then uses that information to adapt to your routine. You usually fall asleep around 11 pm? The blue light will decrease as you get more tired. Usually drive to work at 8 am? It'll stay unlocked and play your tunes while you're in the car. Stop using social media after 8 pm? The Galaxy S10 will wind down your app usage to save battery. The Galaxy S10 really is a tech-lover's dream.

The Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ are available on bill pay or sim-free from €769.00.

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