Daffodil Day: More than a third of those experiencing cancer don't feel well-informed

When faced with a cancer diagnosis, the most important advice is certainly medical. It will always remain the most crucial. But medical jargon can be confusing and overwhelming, and sometimes, the emotional impact of this type of diagnosis is pushed to the side.

Strong emotional wellbeing plays a huge role in our overall physical health, and being well-informed provides a sense of security; peace of mind.

In light of Daffodil Day 2019, Boots Ireland conducted a national survey which revealed more than a third (39%) of those experiencing cancer (either personally or supporting a loved one) don't feel well informed about it.


74% of those surveyed said they are seeking emotional advice to help them with the impact of a cancer diagnosis on top of medical support. Over half said they would value advice on wellbeing, while 45% said they would be open to receiving advice on the physical impacts of cancer, including loss of eyelashes and eyebrows.


What's more, the survey found 45% of people turn to family members or friends for advice, and more than one third (42%) use online sources for information. Only 8%  would consult a pharmacy during their journey with cancer.

Not only that, nine in 10 of those surveyed said that a free information service about cancer would be valuable.

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Campaign ambassador Triona McCarthy said: “Watching a loved one go through cancer is hard for everyone. Having lost both my sister and Dad to cancer my family understand how important it is to have access to services to help you support a loved one through their journey, from the emotional to dealing with the physical changes people experience because of cancer.

"It’s a scary time of change for all impacted by the diagnosis, so to have free advisors you can check in with as many times as you need is such a worthwhile service.”

Where to find support

Today, March 22 is Daffodil Day. For the second year in a row, Boots is the main sponsor of the day, with cancer support remaining an integral part of the brand's ethos.


Last year, the pharmacy raised an outstanding €74,855 for Daffodil Day; seeing a 148% increase on 2017. The money raised today will be used to finance the Irish Cancer Society's free support services for people affected by cancer, including the Freephone Cancer Nurseline which offers information, advice and emotional support for anyone dealing with cancer.

Averil Power, chief executive of the Irish Cancer Society said, “Access to information and support during cancer is crucial. Cancer is still a disease that strikes fear and causes worry and anxiety, not only for the patient, but their loved ones too.

"The vast majority of calls our cancer nurses get are from people seeking emotional support to help them cope with a cancer diagnosis in their lives.

"They are there to offer advice and a listening ear so that no one has to face cancer alone. Together with our partner Boots, and the public’s support on Daffodil Day, we want to ensure more people get this vital support.”.

Advice locally

If you're struggling with a cancer diagnosis and would prefer to speak with an advisor face-to-face, pharmacists at Boots provide free advice for managing the effects of cancer and its treatments.

What's more, they have beauty advisors who are trained to offer specific make-up and skincare tips to help manage the side effects of treatments (such as hair loss), helping people to feel like themselves again.


For more on the Boots Cancer Support Service visit boots.ie/cancer

For more information on the Irish Cancer Society and Daffodil Day visit www.cancer.ie

And don't forget to buy your daffodil today! 

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