There's Going To Be A Colossal Supermoon This Month

On November 14th we'll be treated to a new giant supermoon and it will be so big,that it will be the closest point that earth has been to the moon since 1948. The 'Hunter' full moon will appear across the Northern hemisphere on November 14th through 16th, and it's set to be a'spectacular sight.?What's more, the moon won't come this close to Earth again until November 25, 2034.

Firstly; what is a new moon, and is it the same thing as a full moon? When the'moon is full the full disc will be visible and will appear very bright in the night sky. A new moon, however, is when?Earth?comes between the moon and the sun, resulting in a moon that is completely obscured by the Earth's shadow and is barely visible in the night sky, according to The name 'supermoon' is given when a full moon appears very close to the?earth; which is what we'll experience with the Hunters moon this month.

Secondly; how will it affect you? Old wives tales tell?us that werewolves rise and Banshees will cry when the moon's full face is visible but does the moon actually have any influence over us??The moon has a great deal of power over the earth; particularly so with tides. Despite the name supermoon, it doesn't have a hugely obvious physical effect on humans because gravity doesn't affect our bodies the way it does with the tides.?The kinetic energy of the moving moon and tides, however, can have a profound effect on a person's mood. Here's what you need to know about the upcoming lunar event, and how to capitalise on the moons powerful?influence.

Focus on personal beginnings

New moons are a great time to turn over a new leaf or start a new chapter; whether it be moving out of an old apartment, starting a new friendship, or applying for a new job. When a supermoon is involved, it's said that whatever you do will take off with even greater momentum. What are you waiting for?


Your emotions WILL be running high

The Moon is also associated with emotions and our feminine sides. When a Supermoon is involved expect to be even more emotional than usual, according to? If you find yourself in overly stressful or emotional situations, take a deep breath?and ride through it. This is a hot time for drama to appear so be vigilant for unwanted attention/behaviour.

Supermoons affect women more so than men

Similar to above, supermoons have an intensified effect on females, causing heightened levels of emotion; good, bad, and indifferent. These 'mood swings', as they're traditionally called, are a good time to develop patience and understanding. Embrace the energy and embrace the opportunity to grow.

If you work in a creative industry, you will flourish

You will feel particularly creative during this supermoon, and if you're a writer, author, columnist, poet, or screenplay writer,?the words you were previously looking for will seamlessly roll onto your page. Don't be afraid to suggest new projects or creative endeavorment during this time because they're bound to be brilliant ideas.

Avoid buying tech gadgets or investing in something expensive


According to astrologer Susan Miller, it's a good idea to avoid buying tech gadgets or investing in expensive goods during a supermoon or new moon because the energy expelled can have an adverse effect on technology, and may impair your judgment.

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