Succulents: why are people going mad for these prickly plants?

If you’ve recently frequented a cafe, waiting room, a friend’s home, or any other location that contains four walls and a surface, odds are you spotted a succulent sitting or hanging somewhere in the vicinity. 

Plants clean the air we breathe, they’re very feng shui, and they are said to increase productivity and happiness levels. But why do we love succulents in particular? And what even are succulents anyway?

We want to set the record straight on what these thick-skinned creations are, where you can get them in Ireland, and we want to see if we can tempt you to fill an old teacup with one this weekend.


For those unfamiliar with this plant, a succulent refers to any plant that stores water in its leaves or stems, with the word succulent coming from the Latin word sucus (juice). Well-known succulents include aloe plants, cacti, and zebra plants. And although they've risen to unprecedented popularity in London, New York and Dublin, it’s worth noting that it was the Swedes who were the original pioneers of this trend.


Maybe it’s to do with their exotic appearance, or maybe it’s the fact that they require little or no maintenance at all… Either way, succulents are all the rage, and we can’t help but get on board the trend.

Reasons to surrender to the succulent trend...

Huge variation

Whatever your space constraints, succulents come in a huge variety of shapes, colours (including pink, red, orange, purple), and sizes, making them the most adaptable plant going.

Easy to move around

If you’re renting right now it’s worth noting that you won't find an easier way to make your mark in your temporary home than with these easily-transportable plants. Just watch out for any prickly bits.

Fool-proof maintenance


Look, let’s just say it how it is: not everyone is cut out for plant-rearing. The good news is that succulents are built to handle drought conditions, so all they need is a bit of sun and a spritz of water every now and then. Occasionally forgetting to spritz them won’t cause much harm, which is why they’re an ideal choice for plant owners who aren’t great at keeping them, you know, alive.

Lots of creative opportunities

Succulents can thrive in virtually any type of container: from shoes to glass bowls, baskets and wine bottles; miniature versions decorate office desks and brides even carry them down the aisle in their bouquets. And should you want to add a little opulence to your succulents, then consider adding a splash of paint or sparkle into the mix.

There are lots of tutorials on how to decorate your living spaces with these intriguing plants, so if you want to set aside a day of crafting with a little gardening work, then make sure your succulents get a look in. 



Main photo by Corinne Kutz on Unsplash

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