Sipping a cocktail in a dressing gown during lockdown? Let's all be more like Meryl Streep

Putting all our virtual happy hours to shame, Meryl Streep, Christine Baranski (hello, mini Mamma Mia reunion!) and Broadway actress Audra McDonald enjoyed cocktails in dressing gowns – the new standard for group friendships and Zoom calls

Streep and her friends gathered online to take part in an online, socially distant tribute to Broadway composer Stephen Sondheim on his 90th birthday. They all chose to forgo red carpet glam in the name of comfort. Namely, fluffy dressing gowns, as it should be.

While there have been plenty of celebrity drinking moments in quarantine going virial (yes, we're talking about you, Stanley Tucci), Meryl and co just upped proceedings with a song and a martini showing us that if in doubt: be a little more Meryl.

She joined fellow actresses Baranski and McDonald in a drink-making, sip-tastic performance of  The Ladies Who Lunch for Sondheim's 90th birthday concert. And it was all done via Zoom, naturally.


The trio sang alternate verses from Sondheim's 1970 musical, Company, while expertly pouring their drink of choice. Baranski opted for classic red wine (very much in line with The Good Wife), McDonald reached for some bourbon, and Streep literally shook up a martini, as well as enjoying a swig of scotch.

Even with all the drinking and refilling, it was all pitch-perfect, as usual.

You can watch the rendition below:

A perfect lockdown mood as we begin a new week.

Main photograph: @svershbow


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