Ryanair's new cabin baggage rules come into effect today

Budget airline Ryanair has introduced new cabin baggage regulations which come into effect today.

As of this morning, non-priority passengers will only be permitted to bring one small carry-on item onboard the plane, which must fit beneath the seat in front of them.

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If this free small bag doesn’t fit beneath the seat (or measures larger than 42 x 20 x 30 cm), you will be asked to pay a fee of €25 to have your bag tagged and placed in the hold.

Ryanair’s former free allowance of a 10 kg bag (such as a mini suitcase or gym bag) has been revoked for people who haven’t paid for priority boarding. Going forward, non-priority passengers will have to pay an additional €10 to check in a 10 kg bag at the gate. This check-in fee is only €8 if you select a 10 kg bag while making your original booking.

On its website, the airline says the main benefits of this new policy will be reduced flight delays and a cheaper checked bag option. It also means passengers can pack more liquids into a wheelie bag and walk to the boarding gate relatively hands-free.


Passengers who have booked and paid for priority boarding can continue to take on two carry-on bags.

Unhappy passengers

The public response hasn’t been overly positive; with one passenger taking to Twitter this morning to say: “Ryanair, unfortunately, I’m getting the brunt of your new luggage/cabin policy and the queue at the check-in desk for baggage drop is ridiculous. One member of staff versus 50 passengers with long waits.”

Another passenger tweeted, “The change in Ryanair’s baggage allowance onboard means now the priority queue is longer than non-priority; completely defeating the purpose of priority boarding!”

Photo by Rob Hodgkins via Flickr

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