Must-read: A ten-year-old girl wrote a beautiful backwards poem to highlight dyslexia

Social media most definitely has a dark side, but every so often it does, as Marie Kondo says, spark joy.

This is one of those moments in the form of a poignant poem written by a 10-year-old girl.

The verse has warmed hearts online for its insight into the treatment of people with dyslexia and double-meaning.

Teacher Jane Broadis shared the verse on Twitter on Wednesday evening and it has gone viral with the tweet being liked more than 129,000 times since.

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She shared the post, hoping it would gain traction to highlight the poem, which is profound and insightful - the fact that it was written by a schoolgirl of just 10-years-old makes it all the more impressive.

At first, the poem seems to be despairing. But, when read in reverse, it becomes the opposite; a rallying of hope and positivity in just a few sentences.

The poem reads:

“I am stupid.
Nobody should ever say
I have a talent for words

“I was meant to be great.
That is wrong
I am a failure

“Nobody could ever convince me to think that
I can make it in life.”

With almost 2,000 comments on the tweet, it's obvious that it resonated with many, particularly those who have dyslexia.



Main photograph: Pexels

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