Is This Dublin's Most Unique Creative Space?

Pygmalion has had a long tradition of celebrating fabulous parties with a 'something for everyone' policy.

On the 25th of September, an exclusive party was held to celebrate a 350-year-old tradition of parties under that one roof, The Pygmalion Effect. With 300 guests invited from different sectors and industries; the memorable party embraced everything the Pygmalion represents. In a space filled with so much history, a tremendous tradition is being kept as Pygmalion at Powerscourt Townhouse was established and still is a domain of entertainment making it THE Party House of Dublin.


With Familiar faces such as Actor Jack Reynor and Model/Presenter fianc?e Madeline Mulqueen, Jenny Dixon, Model Carl Shaaban, Actor Dylan Townsend, Model Teodura Sutra, Sam Homan, Actor Adam Weafer, Artist Kim Hurley, Writer Marisa Mackle amongst many others, were wined and dined throughout the evening with amazing acts including Siomha O?Rourke on the centre's Steinway Grand Piano, Irish band Plutonic Dust and DJ Colin Perkins entertaining the crowd. It was a party to remember in Dublin's Most Unique Creative Space.

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