The first IMAGE Podclub: Podcast recommendations, great food and chats

On Tuesday July 31st the team were thrilled to welcome a group of 25 podcast enthusiasts to the first ever public IMAGE PodClub gathering.

Up in the stunning, floral-covered surroundings of The Jar’s secret top floor, guests were welcomed with a pink G&T upon arrival. The majority of our guests arrived in twos and threes, but we couldn't help but notice that it was the arrival of many solo attendees that contributed to a distinctly open and welcoming atmosphere amongst the crowd that evening. As strangers introduced themselves to each other, the heart-warming vibration of chatter and laughter was unmistakable and set the tone for a really special night to follow.

Next came The Jar’s infamous pizzas; of which a delicious array was carried in to the accompaniment of much “oo”s and “ahh”s. Once everyone was sufficiently fuelled, the podcast proceedings then commenced.

First, we listen, then we chat

This kicked off with a snippet from The Spill; our own in-house podcast starring Sophie White and Rhona McAuliffe. In it, the duo discussed Love Island and reality tv in general; exploring what was problematic and appealing about the various aspects of each, before dishing out their podcast recommendations for the week.


From there, we opened up the discussion to the group and all guests were given the opportunity to share their opinions on the topics raised; what they agreed with, what they disagreed with, alongside a few unexpected revelations along the way. The presence of our in-house “Love Island Correspondent” Louise Bruton really upped the ante of the Love Island chats, with even those who hadn’t caught the show admitting to finding the discussion "absolutely fascinating!".


You’ll be glad to know that this month’s PodClub wasn’t all about Love Island, however. Our guests went on to share their own recommendations, piping up with new and niche podcasts that many had never even heard of, alongside for suggestions of what kind of podcast topics we should cover at our next PodClub event.

Be sure to keep an eye out on our social media pages which will shortly be announcing when our next PodClub will be taking place later in the month.



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