The New Gadget That Makes Getting Out Of Bed A Joy

We'd like to blame the dark and cold mornings for our inability to get out of bed when the alarm clock sounds but the truth is, we've never been early risers... or midday risers... or night owls; we're just bed people, 100% of the time. Whether the sun is splitting the stones on an August afternoon or we're getting frostbite from ice-cold bathroom tiles in January, we're at our happiest when reaching for the duvet, moving only to find an even comfier position. As you can probably relate, none of this bodes well when we've to be in work at 8 and sometimes 7 am. Thankfully, for those of us who set our alarm clocks to go off at ten-minute intervals over the course of an hour, getting out of bed has just gotten a whole lot easier. Either that or your beloved ritual of awarding yourself 'just five more minutes' has been ruined. Here is an alarm clock that can only be shut off by stepping your feet on it, outside of your bed. So by the time you've bothered to stop it from assaulting your senses and disturbing your slumber, you're already up. Brilliant. As for whether it's reliable enough to prevent users from hopping back into bed, we'll have to try it for ourselves. What we've heard so far is that when you do make that brave leap, it rewards you with uplifting music or inspirational words, so perhaps the desire to flop back down will be quashed.

Ruggie is currently being funded on Kickstarter and describes itself as the world's best alarm clock. We'll be ordering ours as soon as pay day rolls around. Say goodbye to the days of panicked one-minute showers and running to work with sopping wet hair.


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