Mary Berry: Sexiest Woman of the Year

For any women out there who mourn the passing of time and the apparent loss of youth, put your worries to rest. Mary Berry, baking extraordinaire, is proof that even at 80, you can still be sexy. You see with age comes confidence, charisma compassion and experience - four things that the typically 'sexy' young things of the world have yet to learn.

In a poll that we're sure will humour the veteran celebrity cook, Mary Berry has ranked just one place behind Angelina Jolie on FHM's Sexiest Woman of the Year list. The Brits are so enthralled by this baking virtuoso; they placed her before Jennifer Lopez and Daisy Lowe. What make it a bit less complimentary, however, is the way in which various media outlets are dubbing this as the 'big shock' of the list. Apparently, there's always one. According to an The Sun's insider, ?"every year there is at least one shock, but this is probably one of the biggest we've ever had... I'm sure some of the people voting for her were doing it as a bit of a joke, but she got thousands of votes, so at least some of them must have been legitimate."She's a very confident and charismatic woman, so she might appeal to a certain demographic."

Why shouldn't we feel sexy after a long life lived?

This year, former Corrie star Michelle Keegan topped the list. Joining Michelle, you'll find Jennifer Lawrence, Caroline Flack, Kendall Jenner and Kate Upton in the top five. Irish model Nadia Forde made the list as the top Irish woman.


As for the sexiest men? Over at Heat, there were few shocks to learn that Jamie Dornan had topped their poll while former stalwart Benedict Cumberbatch fell to the 93rd spot. The Fifty Shades of Grey star joins rank with Zac Efron and One Direction's Harry Styles who make up the top three.

So there you have it. Consider yourselves informed. And here's another look at Jamie Dornan to brighten up your Tuesday.


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