Marilyn Monroe's Love Letters on Display

It is over forty years since Marilyn Monroe's tragic death and, if Vanity Fair magazine covers are anything to go by, the actress continues to weave the magic that saw her heralded as one of the most charming actresses of her generation. Newbridge Silverware, in association with Julien's Auctions, have acquired an exclusive exhibition of most cherished love letters. They were found under the starlet's bed after she died in August 1962 aged 36.

marilyn monroe

The letters are some of the most intimate missives associated with Monroe and include an especially racy letter from Marilyn's one-time husband Arthur Miller (dated?April 30, 1956), wherein he writes, "I will kiss you and hold you close to me and sensational things will then happen. All sorts of slides, rollings, pitchings, rambunctiousness of every kind. And then I will sigh. And when you rest your head on my shoulder, then slowly I will get HUNGRY? I will come again to the kitchen, pretending you are not there and discover you again. And as you stand there cooking breakfast, I will kiss your neck and your back and the sweet cantaloupes of your rump and the backs of your knees and turn you about and kiss your breasts and the eggs will burn."


marilyn monroe


The collection originally ended up in the hands of Monroe's mentor and coach Lee Strasberg. These love letters, photographs and personal items were later gifted to a friend of Strasberg. The letters went on display at the Newbridge Silverware's Museum of Style Icons yesterday and will be available for public view until 28th November. This is the only European exhibition of the letters before they are auctioned in Hollywood on 5th and 6th December - so clear those schedules, call in sick, maybe buy yourself some jewellry while you're at it, because this is a chance to get a centre-stall seat to history.

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