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It's been a busy few weeks- the launch (see my backstage pic: how many models can you fit in a lift?), the Vogue Festival and a million and one press launches.?A total highlight was eating at Living Dinners, the pop-up, raw food concept by foodie fanatic Katie Sanderson. Now, I can hear how pretentious that sentence sounds but it's really not. I swear! A few of us went along to the beautiful house on Henrietta street for a 7 course taster menu in a candlelit room and it was so laid back, so inclusive and great fun. You've got to try it. Next pop-up on the list is The Blind Pig. Google and drool.

I popped into the L.K. Bennett preview to meet the team and swoon over the hallowed heels they'd brought with them from L.K HQ. Ireland is such a huge market for loads of brands and I was delighted to hear that it's the same for L.K. Us Irish girls really love our shoes, boots, bags, purses ... here are some of my favourites. Note the Gatsby-worthy slimline heels, embellished pointy toes, biker boots all in luscious leathers. ?Black Label is their little more exclusive line, available to us at their online store, otherwise pop in to Arnotts, Brown Thomas or the stand alone store in Dundrum for morre of these beauts.

It's fun run season! This morning in fact, I ran a 5k charity run that required a 4am wake up call and a head torch. Oh yes! The Darkness to Light is a brilliant idea; get your cardio on before the sun comes up. For anyone who hears ?fun run? and thinks, ?yes, seventh layer of hell I'd rather never experience thank you very much?, it's really not. I ran my first 5k last year, purely as a personal challenge and an excuse to make a pop-rave playlist, and it was so much fun. Download the Couch to 5k app and I'm telling you, you won't even realize you've built yourself up to running a couple miles. It's such a buzz and the support from other runners is the real kick. ANd once it's done, you can go back to bed guilt-free!


How chic did Keira Knightly look at her recent wedding to her Klaxon lover? Seriously, her tulle dress, pumps, cardi and Ray Ban combination was beyond cool. There's something to be said for understated and intimate in a world of platformed nude peep toes and boob-tube attire isn't there? Maybe we've had OTT VIP overload, but it's made low -key so refreshing, lady-like and aspirational. No fake tan! Love it. Could it be the return of class to the A-list? Let's hope so.

My favourite thing all week - has been this. Ah, the ever-awkward double outfit. It can strike at anytime; you're sporting your ensemble and then in walks your (now) arch nemesis, wearing the exact same thing. This ordeal doesn't discriminate - it can happen anywhere to anyone; work, evening drinks - even when you're Anna Wintour and Marc Jacobs, it's a Prada coat and you're at The Great Gatsby Premier. See? They're just like us ?

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