Hugh Jackman Treated For Skin Cancer Again

When he's not busy stretching his acting skills in many a film role, or adorably gushing over his wife, actor Hugh Jackman takes upon himself to be vocal about his health to encourage the public to be vigilant about going for regular check-ups.

He is urging fans to get screened and use sunscreen in a post revealing he's been treated again for skin cancer. This will be the fifth time he has been treated for skin cancers since 2013, three on his nose and one on his shoulder. He posted a photo online, saying his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, had encouraged him to get the "mark" checked. He posted a second photo in May 2014 and admitted he was shocked to learn of the diagnosis.

"It's always a bit of a shock just hearing the word 'cancer,', " he told People. "Being an Australian, it's a very common thing. I never wore sunscreen growing up, so I was a prime candidate for it."

"The beauty of this is it's all preventable. It's just about getting proper check-ups," he added. "I can be a typical man, I couldn't be bothered, and now I'm not lazy at all."


This evening, the Wolverine star shared a new photo on social media showing a bandage on his nose. ?An example of what happens when you don't wear sunscreen. Basal Cell. The mildest form of cancer but serious, nonetheless. PLEASE USE SUNSCREEN and get regular check-ups,? he wrote on Instagram. Basal cell carcinoma is one of the most common forms of skin cancer. It's a slow growing cancer and rarely spreads to other parts of the body.

He has said previously that he gets his skin checked every three months.

This marks his third post-op photo in three years and fourth procedure on his nose. According to sources, the 47-year-old is doing well but wants to spread the word regardless. "He had a basal cell removed [Monday] morning. The margins are clear, and he's fine," said his rep. Following his earlier diagnoses, Jackman launched Pure Sun Defence, a line of sunscreens for children meant to raise awareness of the complications caused by sun exposure.

His message is worth taking seriously: non-melanoma skin cancer is the most common and treatable form of skin cancer in Ireland, according to the Irish Cancer Society. Our translucent tones are especially sensitive to sunlight, so regular check-ups are a must, especially since skin cancer is highly treatable once detected early. So, always wear sunscreen and be on the lookout for changes to?your skin.

We wish him a speedy recovery.

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