How to Make Your Inbox Less Insane

How awful was your inbox this week? When we came back into the office Monday to what seemed like an endless parade of emails and possible repetitive strain from all the DELETE DELETE DELETE, we decided it was high time we tackled this quicksand that distracts us from actual workday tasks. These are your email resolutions for 2015.

Banish Junk Mail

Unsubscribe from all those email lists you subscribed to - except your weekly snippet, of course - with the simple This app takes a quick survey of your inbox and identifies the spam from friendly missives. Simply pick and choose what you want to keep coming. You'll never be worried by a crap high-street sale or weird petition request ever again. Say hello to emails and newsletters you'll actually want to read.

Schedule Emails to Make You A Better Person

People who send emails at 5.15pm on a Friday are the worst. If you're scared that you may be one of those annoying specimens now is the time to change things. Boomerang is an app for gmail that lets you schedule emails to send at a later date. This way you can be the first thing someone sees at 9:30 on a Monday and you'll seem like you respect the whole work/life balance thing.?


Learn How to Unsend That Email

Typo? Wrong recipient? The heart palpitations are very real when one clicks send and then realizes a maybe major mistake has been made. Avoid the heightened blood pressure with Google's cheeky Undo Send feature. You can give yourself up to 30-seconds before your electronic letter finds itself in another person's inbox. How does one find this treasure? Settings > Labs > No More Heartbreak. Here's the how to.

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