How Sexy Are Your Creative Activities?

Because there is literally a scientific study on everything, we've just discovered the ranking of creative roles in terms of their sexiness. Haven't you wondered how sexy your photographic skills are? Well now you can find out.

The study, "Who Finds Bill Gates Sexy? Creative Mate Preferences as a Function of Cognitive Ability, Personality, and Creative Achievement", conducted by?the University of Pennsylvania's Scott Barry Kaufman sought to uncover the level of appeal associated with creative characteristics. Unfortunately for most of us here at, a strong sporting ability was listed as the sexiest creative characteristic a person could possess.

Randomly, this was followed closely by 'taking a date on a spontaneous trip', which is odd, given that it's not exactly an activity you pursue on a regular basis, in the same way you'd play a game of football.

Also included in the top ten you'll find that 'making a clever remark' ranks pretty highly on the list of what we find sexy, as does writing music. Narrowly avoiding exclusion, poetry writers need worry no more; it is officially the 10th most sexy creative activity one can pursue.

Here's the Top 10 finishers according to the group of 815 ?ethnically diverse? undergraduates polled for the study, which consisted of?119 males?and 696 females.


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Read the full study here


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