How not to wear a face mask, according to NPHET

Acting CMO Dr Ronan Glynn said people are wearing face masks improperly, which could increase the risk from Covid-19

Even though the majority of people are wearing face coverings in public spaces, it seems many are wearing them improperly.

Speaking at yesterday’s National Public Health Emergency Team briefing, acting Chief Medical Officer Dr Ronan Glynn addressed an important health issue.

He urged the public to wear face masks as they are intended, covering the mouth and nose. Otherwise, they are putting themselves at risk of Covid-19 infection.


Increased risk

“The topic doesn’t always come up at these press conferences,” Glynn explained. 

“If we can just take the opportunity to remind people that are wearing [face coverings] to wear them properly.

“We're seeing far too many people walking around with them under their chin. We're seeing many people wearing them, but with their nose exposed.

“Neither of those things provide any protection and indeed may increase the risk,” he urged.

Glynn went on to say that while most were adhering to face covering guidelines, masks need to be worn correctly to be effective.

Face masks vs visors


There seems to be mixed advice available when it comes to using face visors or masks.

When asked if the two were equally effective the acting CMO said that while visors were acceptable, they do not work as well as face masks or coverings.

If a person can only wear a visor then they should do so, he explained, but if possible they should wear a face covering instead.

Overall, 90 percent of people are following the current requirements and wearing face masks in retail outlets and on public transport.

But, of this majority, far too many are wearing masks around their neck or pulled down below their nose, and NPHET have urged the public to wear masks so that they cover both the nose and mouth.

This way, people can do their best to help protect themselves and others from infection.



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