How Instagram Is Changing The Male Modelling Industry

There's no doubt that social media has caused monumental shifts within the fashion industry; from being able to live-stream?the most sought-after couture shows, to fashion houses producing public model castings through social media - saving time and money, and opening up the industry to an entirely new market that would be otherwise unreachable. Now, however, social media is being used as a call-to-action for male models to protest against their female counterparts who earn significantly more.

In a previous article, we highlighted just how male models earn significantly less in comparison to female models. The results were quite surprising; showing that in 2014,?Gisele Bundchen earned?$47 million, while?Sean O?Pry, the highest earning male supermodel that year, earned a mere $1.5 million - equality, right? It has even been reported this year that women who walked for Prada took home a hefty $1000, while men who walked in the prestigious show earned a mere amount of $125 for their time. But things are set to change: social media, with Instagram in particular, mean that male bloggers?and models have a platform to self-promote and grow a community of followers around them. Male models are now using their influence and following to secure higher, more fair rates of pay, and better opportunity. But this opens up the debate of whether or not influence and following should equate to higher levels of pay, but maybe that's a topic for another day.


We're all about equality here at IMAGE and we salute any male model who campaigns for equal pay. With that, we've compiled a lovely gallery of our favourite male models to feast your eyes on. Thank us later.

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