What are healing crystals and why is everyone obsessed with them?

Whether you believe in them or not, healing crystals are becoming increasingly popular in Ireland. Here we examine what healing crystals are, how they're used and which ones are reportedly best for people's particular needs

Healing crystals are continuing to grow in popularity, possibly because of their large celebrity following. Victoria Beckham never leaves home without them; telling Allure magazine, “I’m a very spiritual person. I travel with my crystals; I’ve got all different colours. It’s just something that I’m into.”

Adele, Kate Hudson and Naomi Campbell also swear by their healing powers, while Miranda Kerr wrote on her website, “My crystal wand is incredibly special to me, and is one of my most cherished items. I hold my crystal during meditation, prayer, deep belly breathing… I also sleep with it nearby so I’m constantly receiving its special healing energies.”

Here we break down exactly what crystals are and why we might use them. If you're particularly interested in holistic therapies such as yoga and reiki, healing crystals might be for you.


Crystals are stones that have formed naturally in the earth over millions of years. Ancient civilisations reportedly used them in rituals, and they’re still very much in use today.

Different crystals are believed to have different benefits. Some are said to reduce stress; others to help you think more clearly while some are associated with boosting your confidence. There's no limit to the number of crystals you use at any one time; they are said to complement one another and work in harmony to improve your body's energy.

What do I do with them?

Devi Brown, founder of the online crystal store Karma Bliss, told Elle, “When you have a crystal, the best thing to do is to set an intention on them. For example, if I had a piece of citrine (the stone of success) I would think, 'In this moment I'm hoping to enhance my career and have more beautiful opportunities open up to me in the workplace'. My intention would then be implanted on the stone. You can set an intention on any stone, but I always recommend people to pop them in the sun for a few hours to recharge them by the sun's energy. Alternatively, place them in a salt bath to clean off any bad energies that they might have picked up over time. You'll then need to reset your intention on the stones.”

For the most part, crystals are inexpensive and can be purchased online for less than €20. If you decide to go shopping, have a read through what each stone signifies. Decide which one(s) best suit your lifestyle, and set your intention. It is said that your stone will never 'go out of date', but it does need to be recharged by the sun and reminded of your goals.

Which crystals are right for me?

Rose quartz is known as the stone of unconditional love. It is said to encourage the forgiveness of others. It is often used in jewellery and is a popular gift. Actress Kate Hudson received rose quartz from her mother and she keeps it in a bowl by her bed.


Quartz crystal is believed to encourage good health and healing. It is said to help you to let go of negative energy and focus on the positive energy in your life.

Celestite is believed to relieve stress, encourage restful sleep, and boost happiness. Many people sleep with this crystal on their bedside locker or hold it in their hand before drifting off.

Selenite is a white or clear stone known for its powerful healing and energizing properties. It is said to give you mental clarity and clears your mind of negative thoughts.

Aventurine is used as the crystal for people seeking new opportunities and luck. It is said to emit positive energy and help the holder to dream big.

Carnelian is a reddish-brown stone used to relieve worries, boost the holder’s self-confidence, and improve circulation of blood around the body. Some reports say it works to balance sexual energy when combined with rose quartz.

Amethyst is said to be the best crystal for improving sleep, particularly when used during meditation. Set your intention on the stone; hold it in your hand or near you in the room before beginning your meditation.

Shungite reportedly absorbs negative energy from our bodies (especially that caused by our smartphones and other tech devices) while also sending out positive vibes to us. It purifies the mind and body, creating an overall sense of wellbeing. Crystal stores selling Shungite emphasise the importance of washing the stone and recharging it in the sun for a couple of hours before each use.


Citrine is a glassy yellow variety of quartz and is known as the stone of success. It's said to boost a sense of personal power; strengthen creativity and imagination; and is ideal for people in high-pressure jobs.

Want to try them out? See KarmaBliss.com; Moonstone.ie; or ShamanCrystal.co.uk to purchase your own. 

Photos: Miranda Kerr, Instagram 

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