6 good news stories to make your Tuesday a little happier

It is week four of isolation, cocooning and whatever else you may want to call it. The cabin fever, anxiety, and worry are now becoming a little too much to handle. While the news just makes you want to cry. However, there is still good in the world and we have found it. Here are six good news stories to start your Tuesday off on a high note

AsIAm and SuperValu 

AsIAm, Ireland’s national autism advocacy charity, and Supervalu stores are working together in asking shoppers to be extra patient, vigilant, and understanding of fellow shoppers’ varying needs.

They are calling for people to ‘take a walk in the shoes’ of an autistic person who may be struggling with the current changes to everyday life more than others and asking the public to express kindness and be non-judgemental.


New guidelines and posters may cause stress to some autistic people who don't always understand the meaning and the increased use of cleaning sprays and hand sanitiser could become overwhelming, causing sensory overload.

Mild and bright days

The weather plays a big part in determining our mood and it seems for the next few days there is a positive outlook. Temperatures are set to reach 18 degrees with dry and bright weather across the country that is set to last until the end of the week.

Hi and good morning



With the adults feeling down in the dumps, it's now up to the kids to make the days a little happier. This little boy called Ralph is doing just that by waving and saying hello to an empty street. His uncle Toby Marriot posted this video on Twitter saying, "My three-year-old nephew is the friendliest toddler you’d ever wish to meet, and always says hello to all the people he walks past.

"On his daily walk today, though, he had to pretend.”

"Hope this brightens your days!"

And Ralph, it most certainly has.


According to the National Health Commission, China has reported no new coronavirus deaths for the first time since it began reporting figures in January. The authorities reported a total of 32 new cases nationwide, all of which were imported.

Irish studies find vitamin D can build Covid-19 resistance


Two Irish medical studies have found that vitamin D can help build resistance to Covid-19. The Technological University Dublin and Trinity College Dublin both recommend that Irish adults take 20 to 50 micrograms of vitamin D each day. While another study which was published in the Irish Medical Journal has called for vitamin D to be given to hospital inpatients, nursing home residents and older people immediately.

Break free


This may not be a traditional news story but it is sure to make you smile. The maker of this video is unknown but he has done the world a great service.


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