What Is Going On With Madonna And Sean Penn?

Have Madonna and Sean Penn rekindled things? The 1980s really are back.?

Rumours are hopping all the presses that Madonna and her ex-husband Sean Penn have rekindled their relationship. Hold all the phones.

It's been a busy week for both icons. Penn found himself a key player in an international incident over the weekend following the arrest of Mexican fugitive and drug lord El Chapo. The actor who loves a spot of activism interviewed the criminal for Rolling Stone magazine. Yeah, that happened. Meanwhile Madonna's seemingly fractious relationship with her teenage son Rocco has been dominating headlines. Rocco refuses to leave England, where his father Guy Ritchie lives, so Madonna has resorted to lawyers in a bid to summon him home to New York.

They are both busy people of late, yet Penn and Madonna decided to step out together Saturday night for a Help Haiti Home gala. Sean Penn runs a charity called J/P Haitian Relief Organization?and throws the party every year to coincide with the Golden Globes. Madonna's adopted children David and Mercy also attended.?Madonna and Penn were married for four years in the 1980s and divorced in 1989. Both went on to remarry - Madonna to director Ritchie and Penn to House of Cards actress Robin Wright. There were constant reports and rumours of their marriage being tumultous and in recent years Penn has taken legal action against a reporter who hinted at him being violent towards his ex-wife.

E! News reports that the maybe-couple had ?their arms around each others? shoulders.? Later Madonna told her ex in a speech ?I want to say, Sean, I love you, from the moment that I laid eyes on you? I just wish you'd stop smoking cigarettes.? She also performed La Vie en Rose?on stage with a ukulele.


In a further twist, various sources are saying Penn is the reason Rocco won't come home.

I swear, this is a soap opera I can't stop googling. I'm this close to setting up alerts.

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