These are 5 of the best gift-wrapping hack videos on the internet

Struggle with wrapping presents at Christmas? Don't worry — we do too. Here are five of the best gift-wrapping hack videos on the internet right now

For me, wrapping presents can dim my enjoyment of Christmas.

I find it stressful, headache-inducing and an all-around pain. When being neat doesn't come naturally to a person, gift wrapping is laborsome. Each year, my gifts end up looking like useless bulks of paper. There are no clean lines or smooth corners, and they look incredibly sad.

However, there is a contraption called the internet and it provides us with endless knowledge and gift wrapping hacks. If you need help then you have come to the right place.


Before you lies five of the best gift-wrapping hacks on the internet. By the end of this article, you will be a gift wrapping master and the object of jealousy for your perfectionist friends.


1. Waterstones goes viral

This hack has caused an explosion on the internet and brought people to their knees. How many of us have tried to wrap an object and found ourselves short of wrapping paper? Well, we have all been doing it wrong. Be prepared to be amazed.



2. A gift wrap bag

In this video, YouTuber Emily Norris shows us how to be extra when it comes to wrapping presents. From using wrapping paper to make a gift bag, to making a stream of money come out of a box – this is wrapping magic.

3. Every hack in the world

This 17-minute long video is an extravaganza of creativity looking at basic skills to more unique takes on wrapping (like glueing Ferrero Rochers on a bottle of champagne). Sit back and enjoy because this is oddly calming.

4. How to wrap a football


If you want to learn from scratch this is an ideal video to start with. Easy to follow, viewers are shown how to wrap a basic rectangle object and a soccer ball (which is extremely difficult to do).

5. Japanese gift-wrapping hack

Have you ever wanted to wrap presents as meticulously as the Japanese do in their department stores? Well, this slightly intricate tutorial will teach you how to do just that.

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