Flower Beards

The beard craze just got cuter...

There is a scene in DH Lawrence's novel Lady Chatterley's Lover where the married lady of the manor and the gamekeeper with whom she is carrying on intertwine flowers through their pubic hair. It's actually rather romantic and lovely but after Rihanna's war against Instagram over photos showing her breasts and the whole #FreeTheNipple campaign we doubt this literary moment will ever become a fully fledged trend.

In the meantime the internet is keeping things more than PG-13 with the #flowerbeards trend.

Flowers in beards equals the latest hashtag to make you feel warm and fuzzy and shows men in burly facial hair mode challenging old-fashioned notions of masculinity.



And while a dermatologist once told us that bearded boyfriends are to blame for a lot of chin spot action we think we'd complain less if significant others thread bouquets through the scruff. ?

Girlfriends of guys who don't want to #flowerbeard, or sport what they call 'some light Jamie Dornan stubble', could take a leaf (a bud?) out of one of our favourite supermodel's Daria Werbowy's book and thread some elderflower - just about to go out of season! - through their beloved's hair. Cute, non?


Jeanne Sutton @jeannedesutun


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