Fancy a spa day? This all-natural skincare line has everything you need for a day of pampering at home

Ziaja’s BALTIC home spa line boasts high-end skincare at an affordable price, replenishing dry and damaged cells with all-natural ingredients.

With children back in school and most of the country reopening, our daily routines have grown busier than ever.

And whether you’ve had to return to a full work week in the office, navigate a new WFH lifestyle or manage the family’s jam-packed schedule, the result is taxing.

Finding ‘me time’ feels like a distant dream and if we do happen to get some, it’s hardly long enough to watch a film or read a book, let alone enjoy an entire day at the spa.


So why not utilise that precious ‘me time’ for a few moments of pampering and relaxation at home?

Ziaja’s BALTIC home spa range has all the products we’d be treated to at the spa — mango body scrubs, firming oils, lush mousses and antioxidant creams — but for a fraction of the price.

Treat yourself in 3 indulgent steps

First, draw a steaming bubble bath and add vegan bath jelly to soak away the stress of a long day. 

It’s made with fig extract, which replenishes and regenerates skin cells with vitamins A, B and C, and glycosaminoglycans, which strengthen the epidermal barrier and firm wrinkled skin.

Then exfoliate with a mango body scrub, removing dead skin cells and softening toughened skin. 


Finally, lightly dry off and apply all-natural, moisturising body mousse with firming ingredients like caffeine, silicon and alginic acids.

Ziaja’s hero products

The skincare line has nine products in total, many of which can be used daily like anti-cellulite massage oil, oxygenating face cream and moisturising body serum.

There’s also a 3-in-1 shower gel and shampoo and an energising, fit mist, both ideal for a post-workout refresh on the go. 

Each product is less than 10, made with rich, natural ingredients and deliciously mango-scented — everything you need for a day of indulgence at a reasonable price. 

Ziaja's BALTIC home spa collection can be purchased online or at select Dunnes Stores.


Level up your self-care game with Ziaja BALTIC home spa collection. This brilliant three-step lineup of home-spa rituals brings you invigorating scrubs, exfoliators and gels, firming oils, serums, and mousses and relaxing soaps, mists, and facial cream for an unmatched home spa experience. Inspired by the famous Baltic resorts, a sea breeze, traditional spa wellness rooms, discover the divine nine home care products with a beautiful mango scent and skin smoothing, firming ingredients like energising caffeine, anti-oxidative fig extract, anti-ageing silicon and alginic acid, and nourishing, tropical illipe butter.


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