Drink Tea For A Great Cause

If we needed another excuse to?enjoy drinking multiple cups of tea, this might be the best one yet. ?Education is paramount in our children's lives; it shapes their young, eager minds, giving them access to information and knowledge they would not otherwise have. This will, in turn, influence their decisions and their lives as they step ever closer to adulthood, yet right now 58 million children across the world don't have access to education, and double that amount will drop out due to low-quality teaching.

Irish charity,?Global Schoolroom is trying to change that. They allow teachers here and in the United Kingdom to share their experiences to enhance the training and skills of teachers around the world.?They are on a mission to 'share educational experience worldwide? are looking ahead to World Teachers? Day on Wednesday, October 5th to try and raise essential funds to expand their charity work. On October 5th, they are hosting a #TeaForTeachers day, organising tea breaks across the country to raise?as many funds as they can. They are calling on people to raise a cuppa to remember and ?celebrate all the teachers in your life, past and present.?


In Ireland, there is much to be celebrated in that the Irish educational system is among the best in the world; 85% of Irish 24 - 34-year-olds have attained at least upper secondary education, and the Irish education system is ranked in the top ten in a global league table. Yet in relation to some of the world's poorest countries, alarmingly figures suggest that 85% of children, particularly girls, do no have access to any secondary school education. This is now considered a global issue, and by 2030 a key objective is to "substantially increase the supply of qualified teachers, including through international cooperation for teacher training in developing countries."


Global Schoolroom was set up in 2005 by?Gwen Brennan and Garret Campbell. "Following the success and positive feedback from Tea for Teachers 2015, we are looking forward to developing the event in 2016 to really highlight the global crisis in access to education for tens of millions of children around the world, while also celebrating the dedication of Irish teachers to providing the high standards of education available to our children," explained Dr. Garret Campbell CEO of Global Schoolroom.

So go forth, and enjoy an extra cuppa this coming Wednesday and don't forget to donate anything you can to this hugely worthy cause.

All proceeds from Tea for Teachers 2016 will be used to expand Global Schoolroom's teacher education programmes in India, Sierra Leone, and Kenya. Anyone interested in joining in Tea for Teachers on World Teachers? Day 2016, can register at globalschoolroom.net.

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