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Having organized an evening dinner to watch Boys Don't Cry with a few of my friends who share my Chloe Sevigny obsession (it's nice that), 'make Diep? was suggested upon finding me sipping white wine and guzzling crisps in front of a gaping empty fridge. There were five of us and we decided that ordering starters and mains for four was the solution - for variety and sharing purposes. There was one vegetarian among us, and our friend Jeremy, who upon being asked if he was vegetarian replied ?Yeh, I eat everything.?

Beginning with the starters, the aromatic duck pancakes won out for me, as I love how the hoi sin flavour is counterbalanced by the cucumber. The vegetarian spring-rolls were also a favourite. Predominantly we were drawn towards curries. I went for a Panang with chicken, whilst Jeremy went for the naturally more virile choice of Rendang (after just having scoffed a platter of the sticky ribs), a spicy beef curry, which is served with coconut rice. The vegetarian ordered a Phad Thai Tofu and Vegetables, which was gorged upon by all the meat eaters with little to no regard for her.

We gorged and it was good. Boys Don't Cry also worked out, revealing itself to be the pippin of movies. Jeremy enjoyed it so much he missed the last bus and took the couch for the night. Had the night been a success due to the magnetic force of my personality? Or was it the Diep?

For those of you who like us enjoy Diep but have the skills, here's a quick recipe from Diep Le Shaker. And to order go here

Sea Bass with Ginger?(cooking time 15- 20 minutes)?


Suitable for two people


200 gm pak choi (Asian greens)

2 whole seabass


2 long red chilli (diced)

20 coriander stems (chopped)


2 glove garlic (chopped)

100 ml fish sauce

100 ml fresh lime juice

2 teaspoon sugar


Wash the pak choi or Asian greens and place the sea bass fillets on top of greens.?

Place in a steamer for 7 minutes.?


While the fish is cooking combine garlic, chilli & coriander in a bowl.?

Add the fish sauce, lime juice and sugar to taste, add more chilli if you want more of a kick.

When the sea bass is cooked, slide it onto a serving plate and leave it resting on top of the greens.?

Spoon the sauce over the sea bass and garnish with fresh lime.?

Serve with jasmine rice.

Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna




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