College Women Spend 10 Hours on Smartphones Daily

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Some scary-in-a-non-global-meltdown-way statistics for you - according to a study carried out by the Baylor University marketing department women spend ten hours a day on their phones. Ten hours. A day. Ten hours in the day. Men are lagging behind with a total of eight hours, although maybe they're actually winning.

164 students answered questions about their smartphone (bad) habits and 60% went so far as to say they feel ?addicted? to their phones. If you spent/wasted your time on Pinterest or Facebook you perceived yourself as more addicted than those who played games on their phones. The worst habits for time-consuming were texting - clocking in at over 90 mins a day - and email, which took up an average of 48 minutes in people's day. Facebook took up 40 minutes.

Maybe we should all make like the up-and-coming (and very handsome) actor Max Irons and swear off phones entirely. The Posh star, son of Sin?ad Cusack and Jeremy Irons, reveals in this month's ELLE that he's living life contentedly without and look at how much he's accomplishing.


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Jeanne Sutton @jeannedesutun

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