Sex Bomb, Benedict Cumberbatch

It's been a fairly busy time for one of our favourite British actors Benedict Cumberbatch.? November saw us particularly grouchy over the news of the actor's engagement to Sophie Hunt. Even more heartbreaking news came earlier this month that the star was set to become a father.

In a new interview with CBS, Benedict has tackled a number of issues we've been waiting very patiently for him to talk about. Firstly, his obvious and well earned status as a sex bomb:

?It's great being a sex bomb. It makes me giggle.?

It's refreshing that his sexiness has the same impact on us as it does on the man himself.

Here he shares a few things that he thinks Americans need to learn about tea and how cream is never necessary with chamomile tea...


He also spoke about his speedy engagement and how happy it was making him: ?Lots of stuff, in my life, is happening, which is truly phenomenal. I'm 38 and finally settled down and my private life cannot be in a more spectacularly wonderful place.?

We're happy for him, we swear?


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