Beauty Game Changers Take One: Face

We're going to be bringing you the top tried and tested treatments to help solve your biggest pre-wedding beauty bugbears, first up is face.

TREATMENT?IPL Photo-Rejuvenation

WHERE?River Medical

WHAT?IPL (intense pulse light) therapy encourages the growth of healing collagen in problem areas, diminishing pigmentation, bacteria and scarring.



WHY?Growing up, I was the proud owner of (dare I say) flawless skin; then a little thing called life happened, and my skin deteriorated, leaving behind a lack-lustre version that no longer bounces back into shape as quick.

HOW?The process begins with a skin consultation, to identify your problem and set a course of treatments (number of treatments depends on your needs. ?Following this, a cooling gel is applied to the skin and you pop on some stylish eye goggles, to protect you from any stray rays. Far-reaching light waves penetrate the tissue, heating up problematic areas, injuring it (for want of a better word), so that the body's natural healing ?process then removes this damaged tissue, encouraging fresh new ones to grow.

AFTER?Teh best part of this treatment is being able to leave the clinic without everyone knowing you've just had your mug lasered. I am such a cynic that I never believe these things work, but I was [email protected] After a few sessions, my skin feels incredible and that glowing?I woke up liek this? look is actually on my face. My scarring is less and my skin is brighter and plumper. The effect is cumulative, so even after my course of five is complete, I'll be doing one or two top-ups a year.

CATCH?It ain't cheap but I'd prefer to spend my hard-earned cash on my skin (I wear it every day) than on a pair of heels that will be scuffed in no time

COST??750 for a course of five treatments.


By Jennifer Stafford


*This article first appeared in Volume 5 of BASH Magazine (now IMAGE Brides). Check back on Wednesday and Friday for Take Two: Hair and Take Three: Body

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