The Red Carpet Hunks So Far This Season

During awards season, the woman get all the attention. It's all about what they wore, the gown trends, the most flattering make-up looks, who had the best accessories (both inanimate and human). Granted they have to work a whole lot harder at prepping, although we do wonder how much time Leo spends on his hair...

So in the spirit of fairness, and ahead of Oscars mania, we've created an entire gallery of the best-looking men on the red carpet this season so far. Check out everyone from Orlando Bloom and Matt Damon to your 3rd year crushes Jesse Metcalfe and Milo Ventimiglia. See who's working the three-piece suits and who's sticking to the traditional grab of the dickie-box and tux. And then mark David Oyelowo and Taye Digg in your mind for future red carpets because they are definitely the fashionistas of this attractive bunch.

So don't forget that the men are making an effort too, if not even a third of what the women are dedicated to pre-red carpet primping...



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