Anna Kendrick Talks Fairy Tale Realism

Whether it was as the cynical Beca in Pitch Perfect, or the incredibly sweet therapist in 50/50, we've always been very much team Anna Kendrick. She is a Twitter genius, and always brings a loveable touch to the movies she stars in.

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This year, Anna Kendrick has her sights set on hype-worthy Disney musical Into The Woods, starring a long list of our favourite actors including Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt and Chris Pine. Anna plays the role of Cinderella, who in an un-Disney like spark of realism, sees things descend south after she marries the prince.

?My Cinderella is a little more modern and complicated, a little less perfect than your average Cinderella? We see her becoming a Princess and then immediately things start falling apart for her.? What happens after she marries the Prince is where it gets interesting.? Cinderella really starts to find her voice and rejects what she thought she wanted, which also means admitting she made a mistake.?

This realism isn't the only thing getting us excited about Into The Woods however. Anna shares that the fashion is just as interesting:

?The wardrobe is beautiful and so detailed.? In some ways it is true to period, but with a great twist.?? It is like a serious study on period clothing blended with high fashion, so it is a little too slick.?


If like us, you loved Pitch Perfect, here's another opportunity to see Anna sing, as Grammy award and multiple Tony Award winner Stephen Sondheim is responsible for all of the original songs.

?Stephen Sondheim is a dream for actors because the performance is written into the music? You see every thought that is in Cinderella's head and how she feels.? It is all written into the melody, the tempo and the lyrics.? It is such a treat.?

Into The Woods hits cinemas today January 9th.

Hannah Popham @HannahPopham

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