Achtung, Baby - Berlin

Right, here's what you need to know: Berlin is awesome. And here's what you need to do when you go...

1.Bask in all of the deliciousness, which includes everything from currywurst to apple strudel. The Germans really know their meats and pastries, and it's definitely worth trying all the different kinds of sausages. And don't skimp on the pickled stuff either.

2.Hop on a the train to Planterwald, and take a walk through the lakeside forest that leads to the eerie, abandoned Spreepark. While the theme park grounds are closed to the public, you can walk around the outside of the park and take in the spooky ferris wheel that still turns, the retro dinosaurs toppled on their side, and the orange bigtop tent (remember Saoirse Ronan there in Hanna?).

3.Like a maze of old tombs, the Berlin Holocaust Memorial stands in the middle of the city. Take a walk through the rows and rows of large stones, getting deeper and lower into the sloping stretch of land as you go. While haunting and powerful, it is one historic site well worth visiting.


4.You'll find everyone from art students to grandparents wandering along the East Side Gallery. Iconic images and pictures jump of the walls as you take in the finest graffiti in Europe. Stop off in the black and white photo booth on your way back to the tram and snap some old-school pics of you and your mates.

5. Located on Bergmannstrasse 102, 'Colours' is Berlin's largest vintage shop and it has every style, from every era, to fit every size. Hidden away in a little courtyard up a staircase, this place is the last word in vintage shopping with 1000 square metres of gear. Rails of velvet dresses, bold 60's prints and quirky silk shirts line the walls, while the shoe area is literally exploding with footwear - retro runners, quirky heels, biker boots and everything in between.


By Ashling O'Loughlin

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