90% Of Us Say 'Thank You' On Dublin Bus

For those who were in doubt about the friendliness of Dubliners, this news from Dublin Bus will set the record straight. Apparently, a staggering 90% of us say thank you as we exit the bus. As for the ten percent who don't, you need to up your niceties game.

In other interesting statistics from their recent research, 23% of us have said hello, in error, to someone we didn't know, suggesting that we probably should have gone to Specsavers. Furthermore, 21% of us have pretended to be on a phone call in the hopes of avoiding getting stuck in conversation with chatty passengers. In 2014, Dublin Bus made 16,883 trips a week, travelled 57 million km and carried 119 million passengers. 67% of those surveyed use the bus most often when getting to and from work or school. While 12% of morning bus users take the time to indulge in a quick nap (and 31% of us have missed our stop because we've drifted off into a deep slumber), 62% of us spend between 20 and 60 minutes glued to our mobiles, browsing the internet.

When we take a moment to lift our heads above our phone screens, 23% of us have admitted to developing a crush on the bus, and - this is almost a little bit creepy - 15% of us have gotten off at the wrong stop just so we could keep chatting to someone.


How that 15% of Dublin Bus passengers get around having to explain that they live nowhere near this stop, we'll never know.

What we want now is some 'overheard on Dublin Bus' research. That, we think you'll agree, would be all kinds of interesting.

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