5 fantastic watches that have been added to Netflix for July

Need some new Netflix recommendations? 

Covid press briefings and episodes of The Chase are great and all but at this stage, our TV sights are set a little higher. We want cultural commentary, tearjerking dramas, madcap comedies, and the inexplicable pairing of Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Thankfully, that's exactly what's coming to your screen this week.

In its infinite greatness, Netflix has added some classic titles to its UK & Ireland platform for July, and we can't wait to watch them.


The Truman Show

A frontrunner in the ranks for Jim Carrey's best movie, The Truman Show is a truly brilliant watch about our dystopian love of reality TV that holds up even now, over 20 years after its release. Truman Burbank, unbeknownst to him, has lived his entire life in a reality TV show - all of this friends and family members are actors, the city he lives in is a set, and everything he sees and hears is a construct for viewers' entertainment. As Truman gets older, he begins to question the world around him, and wonders if there is more to the world than his small town life in Seahaven.

Burn After Reading

Coen Brother silliness at its best, and any role that sees Brad Pitt flex his comedy chops is a winner in my book. Burn After Reading is a black comedy that, typical to the directors' style, follows a mishmash of storylines that eventually meet with hilarious results. We follow Chad (Pitt) and Linda (Frances McDormund), co-workers who happen upon CIA analyst Osbourne's (John Malkovich) memoirs, and mistake them for sensitive information. They attempt to blackmail Osbourne for money (to fund Linda's cosmetic surgery), but their dim-witted efforts land them in more trouble than they'd bargained for. We've also got George Clooney, Tilda Swinton, and J.K Simmons in the mix, so you know it's going to be good.



Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger play twins seperated at birth. That's pretty much the entire description, and if you say you don't immediately want to watch it, you're lying.


Based on the Ian McEwan novel of the same name, Atonement is one of Saoirse Ronan's first films (and earned her an Oscar nomination at just 13 years old) and a truly heart-wrenching and beautiful watch for a Wednesday evening. Atonement begins in the 1930s with Cecelia and Briony, two daughters of a wealthy English family, and their housekeeper's son, Robbie. When Cecelia and Robbie, who fall in love, are torn apart by a lie that Briony creates, the movie begins to chronicle the next six decades of their lives - deception, agonising heartache, love and loss.

The Green Mile


One of those movies that absolutely everyone loves, The Green Mile is a tough watch, but guaranteed to entertain and tug at the heart strings. Based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, follows the lives of guards and prisoners on Death Row at a Louisiana state prison during the Great Depression. One inmate, John Coffey, looks imposing and aggressive, but as guard Paul Edgecomb comes to discover, looks can be deceiving, and justice is not always what we imagine it to be.

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