10 Tips For Feeling Great This Week

If you're anything like us, your New Years resolutions 'may have ever so slightly slipped of the radar! So what can we do to re-calibrate our intentions and get back to a more realistic track? In advance of our super-exciting Clean Start event this coming Thursday where our panel of health, nutrition and wellbeing experts will clarify what we should (or could) be doing to help ourselves feel and look great for 2016, we asked our editor-in-chief, Melanie Morris for ten small things we could all be doing to ensure we're in tip-top form. And with Melanie being a recently graduated Nutritional Therapist after studying for four years, she should know!

Here's her ten tips:

  1. Calm down.
  2. Set a goal for the next week (the shorter view is more accessible than the slightly scary long view).
  3. Write lists for meals, shopping and things you need to do.
  4. Make a commitment to exercise.
  5. Make a playlist (it makes the above exercise plan more fun)
  6. Eat green veg at every meal.
  7. Eat protein at every meal (it keeps you looking good and feeling full)
  8. Manage sugar cravings with a teaspoon of cinnamon at breakfast and lunch (if you can't stomach it, take Patrick Holford's Cinnachrome)
  9. Invest in your personal relationships - say yes to invites, answer the phone rather than letting it go to voicemail. Strive to connect!
  10. Remember there is truth in the old reliables - drink two litres of water, go to sleep before 11pm and switch devices off a full hour prior.

Melanie will be in conversation with Vogue contributing health editor, Calgary Avansino, Director of Nutrition at Gourmet Fuel, Emma Buckley and Positive Fitness Project's Liz Costigan at Clean Start on Thursday. Book your tickets here.?

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