This Irish Charity Home-Makeover is Guaranteed to Put A Smile on Your Face

In an uplifting transformation, sofa retailer DFS has teamed up with Gaisce and interior designer Rois?n Lafferty?to remodel the Novas? DIAL House in Limerick. Celebrating ten years of providing a home for young people in need, the time had come for a homely remodelling. Rois?n cast her eye to the project, and the result is a space imbued with colour and comfort.


A new kitchen was installed by Richard Burke Kitchens, featuring light grey?handless units, marble effect countertops and beautiful patterned tiles from?Best Tile.

For Rois?n, devising the design scheme began with getting to know the young residents?in the house. ?To start we sat down as a team with the girls and guys from the house to see how we could make the space better.? From there, she integrated their ideas and interests with her own interiors aesthetic. ?The main thoughts were that it was a little dishevelled and needed an injection of fun, playfulness and colour. Ultimately we wanted the house to feel like their home, a vibrant, youthful, yet tranquil and safe space.?



The new dining room features an extendable dining table, painted chairs, rattan lampshade and artwork by residents of the house.

Neon pinks pop against silt greens and greys in the space, making for a sunny and contemporary colour palette. "It was originally meant to be just the living room we worked on, but we decided to make over the kitchen and dining so all of their main living spaces felt more exciting for them.
We wanted to provide our creative skills to improve the place." The kitchen walls, lined with kaleidoscopic blue and white tiles, revolve around an extendable dining table and brightly painted chairs. A steely velvet two-seater and and a purple slouch sofa are offset by?a layered, abstract painting by Irish artist Lola Donoghue in the living room. This inclusion of artwork was a strategic move by Rois?n. ?I'm a huge fan of her work, and it really draws your eye to the space.?


The DFS?Zine Cuddler in?grey velvet against green and coral paint layers?by Fleetwood.?

Dynamic interior design aside, the real strength of the project is the impact it will have on the young people living in the house. ?Before, the house didn't reflect the vibrancy of the people who lived here. What DIAL House stands for is giving people who are without a home, that sense of home.? With this sentiment in mind, DIAL House looks set to be a particularly special house to come home to.


Rois?n meeting with the residents of DIAL House.?


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