House of Contrast

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This week, we're taking a peek into the Victorian terraced home of a couple and their two children in Dublin. ?When our second child came along. It was a case of move or make the house bigger,? recalls the owner. ?We decided to extend at the back and we're delighted with the result.?

The extension, however, was designed in an unusual way. Architect Ryan Kennihan wanted to avoid the usual practice of creating an achingly modern box that 'shouts its difference? from a period house. ?I like the idea that the new structure has a ?conversation? with the older house,? Ryan explains. ?By considering the material and spatial qualities of the existing building and garden, we can create a new structure that feels natural and complementary. We can produce structures with a timeless character that feel as though they have always been there and will always be there.?


Photography by Mark Scott.

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