How to create a home office in a small space (and with limited levels of concentration)

Everything you need for a chic, space-efficient and multi-functional home office

We're now well ensconced in our lockdown lives, but many of us are still struggling to establish a WFH set-up that works for us.

Often, it's not possible to dedicate an entire room to a workspace, meaning work can end up on the kitchen counter or sprawled across the dining room table. However, remember those boundaries? It is important to have a dedicated space, one where you can sit down and immediately focus on work at ... and one that you can then get up and leave your work behind you.

This doesn't have to be a large space, it can be a corner of the living room or one wall of the spare room. If you know the limits of your space (and all the limits of your own procrastination levels) you should be able to create an office area that not only fulfils your work needs, but also enhances your home.


We've rounded up some of our favourite items for a multi-functional home office space.


Lots of people struggle for space in their house and often the kitchen table or living room sofa becomes the spot for extra-curricular work and study. This gorgeous walnut bureau comes with plenty of benefits. As well as being narrow, it has plenty of storage and best of all you can roll down the front when you want to hide away any unfinished business. That way, you can enjoy your evening without all of tomorrow's jobs catching in the corner of your eye.

Grayson bureau, €688, John Lewis

If you had something a little sleeker in mind, this customisable is designed to hide everything from paperwork to electronic wires underneath its flush worktop so you can both store and work on it.


Cupertino desk, from €756, BoConcept

However, if space really is your biggest concern and you're just not sure if you have room for a desk never mind an entire office, this little Leonie desk is just right for you.

With a pull-out timber tray, you can give yourself enough room to work, it slides away when you not working. The whole unit is under 80cm in width so it will sit quietly in the corner of a room until you need it.

Leonie desk, around €277,

Our school lives seem to have convinced us that we'll get no work done unless we're sitting in the most rigid timber chair with a back that's about four inches too far forward to be comfortable.


However, we're all adults here and if you think that you might need to re-think your levels of procrastination.

This blue velvet number is structurally strong enough that you can sit straight as you type and write, while the slightly more relaxed back means you can sit back and read something in comfort. Also, no numb bums here.

Leaf lounge chair, €439, Woo .Design


If you're looking for an office or desk-appropriate clock, avoid ones with a seconds hand and too-loud ticking. This black clock is plain enough to not cause a distraction while also being incredibly chic.

Flip clock lux, €175, Old Mill Stores


Sure to warm up any sad office corner, these brightly backed oak lacquered shelves are perfect for excess storage options. You can also stick things to the metal backing without fear of ripping coins of paint off the wall every time you decide to change out your inspiration board.

Marcel wall-mounted shelves by Harto, price on request, Lost Weekend

If you have space, a large bookshelf can be really helpful for storing things, as well as keeping you tidy. Adulthood has taught me that investing in some pretty storage boxes and filers will go a long way to keeping you on top of those domestic bills.

Oak shelf ladder, €355, The Blue Door


There are endless types of industrial style desk lamps out there – Ikea has a great selection – but if you're looking for something a little different, this one from B&Q sets off a lovely diffused light that won't blind as you work but also gives the entire room a pleasant ambience so you can leave it on after you're finished working for the day.

Channing brush gold lamp, around €30, B&Q


So this is the fun part. Do you need a terrazzo tape dispenser? Of course not, but you've gone to all the effort of making a lovely little home office for yourself, you might as well finish it right.

Tape dispenser, €18, Industry & Co


You're fancy enough for a home office but not quite at the personal headed paper? These beautiful Superfolk cards are made in Mayo and the four shades of leaves are designed to correspond to the Irish seasons. The perfect way to correspond if you ask us.

The Seasons notecards, €20, Superfolk

Sometimes it's easier to show people than to write an explainer note and these sticky hands are a handy direction. Plus they'll look great on your desk!

Hand stickie notes, €4.95, Paperchase

Keep those notes, along with your collection of pens and pencils, on this dedicated brass stationery tray.



Monograph brass stationery organiser, €50, Amara

Made by one of our favourite stationery shops Dusty Boy Design, this A4 desk pad is designed for scribbled notes and the odd doodle. No doubt, they'll all be masterpieces on this pretty paper.

Falling petals weekly planner, €14.95, Dusty Boy Designs

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