Coffee, Please!

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Sometimes only real coffee will do. And of course you've got to serve it with adorable accoutrements?

1. Chemex Classic Woodneck 6-Cup, from €55.95, Coffee Angel

2. Purple clay accessories, from around €45, V&A Shop


3. Pouring kettle, €38.50, Love Supreme

4. Acacia small storage jar, around €20, Shop Folklore

5. Don Mayo Filter Coffee by Roasted Brown, €12.50, Love Supreme

6. Cafetiere by Freud, €98, Makers & Brothers

7. Handmade limited-edition set of espresso cups, €50, 3FE

8. Hario serving pitcher, €29.95, Coffee Angel

9. Coffee dripper, around €36, V&A Shop


10. Abbeyhorn spoon, €9, Makers & Brothers

11. Small mugs, around €22, Monocle

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Sheenagh Green for @Image_Interiors

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