9 Reasons To Love Cork Accessories In The Home

The unexpected material of the summer, cork couldn't be more key to both indoor and outdoor trends.?

No longer limited to wine bottle tops or 80's flooring, this raw and tactile natural fibre has been taking the design world by storm for the last few months and has finally hit our shelves.

Heat resistant, it's great in the kitchens, especially for trivets, and it's also waterproof, lightweight and easy-to-clean, making?it perfect for the outdoors and kids' rooms. Both renewable and natural, it's part of a larger movement in design that harks back to traditional materials and sustainability.

Ilse Crawford's Sinnerlig collection for Ikea Ilse Crawford's Sinnerlig collection for Ikea

Keep an eye on the Ikea shelves for the Sinnerlig collection which will be available in just two week time, designed by London based interior guru Ilse Crawford of StudioIlse. Her boutique hotel, Ett Helm in Stockholm, which was featured in the March-April issue of Image Interiors & Living, was the setting for the collection's launch during Stockholm Design Week. The neutral palette of the range was designed to fit into any home and combines design influences from China and Vietnam to Poland and Portugal.

Click into the?gallery to see our pick of the best cork homewares around...

1 Bowl / 2 Stool / 3 Lamp / 4 Stool / 5 Trivet / 6 Sketchbook / 7 Shelf Bowl / 8 Side Tables / 9 Lamp?

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