How to wear in your 20s and 40s: White denim jeans

20s versus 40s is a dynamic series featuring fashion director Marie Kelly and staff writer Edaein O' Connell. By styling one item of clothing to suit each of their ages and sartorial sensibilities, these two women reveal that fashion can be fun and fulfilling whatever your age...

Edaein O' Connell

I was initially terrified when I saw these jeans. Firstly, they were white. And secondly, they were long and had a wide leg, which in past attempts has managed only to swamp my short bottom half. However, when I tried them on I was pleasantly surprised. The high waist meant they highlighted the slimmest part of my body and also managed to give the appearance of longer legs. Styling them proved challenging at first though. I am a quintessential 24-year-old with body hang-ups galore, which are more than likely completely imagined in my own head, but still... One of these is my midsection, and I oft times hide it with layers.

On this occasion, my choice of armour was an oversized blazer which I think kept in line with the fluidity of the jeans and enabled me to think less about the parts of my body I don't particularly like. The jeans to me are like a blank canvas and the only way to wear them is to contrast the outfit with a print just like the check on this blazer. I finally paired the outfit with some Chanel inspired slingbacks for some added height and elegant flair.


Marie Kelly

I refuse to let go of white jeans no matter how old I become because they're such a great staple during those in between months when it's not yet properly warm but it's visibly spring-like. I love them because they're warm but fresh looking. White jeans have gotten a bad rep over the years. The low rise, boot-cut, too-tight styles worn in the 1990s have given many women a hang-up about them, but these days white denim has been reimagined in flattering silhouettes such as flares, culottes and straight leg.

These high-waisted flares, for instance, offer a grown-up, sophisticated shape. They're timeless and so ageless also. I tend to keep my look unfussy and uncomplicated when wearing white denim so a neat, crew-neck navy sweater from Selected Femme felt just right on this occasion. I chose white block heels to help elongate the bottom half of my body and because I wanted to keep my look streamlined.

I think the trick with white denim is to make sure you choose the correct fit and cut for your body shape. Like any item of clothing, if it feels right, it will look right. And this applies to every woman of any age.


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