Meet the Vancouver-based Irish fashion blogger who can't live without her sneakers

In a sea of same-same-but-different styling, I couldn't help but pause when I landed on Alanna McNally's Instagram feed. The Dublin-native (29) is based in Vancouver, where she works as a stylist while running her fashion blog. Her signature mix of streetwear, relaxed tailoring and 1990s-inspired styling has already garnered her a significant fan base on the platform.

Here, she lets in on her ride-or-die footwear, her go-to website for a standout piece and what high street stores set her heart aflutter.

What excites you about getting dressed in the morning?

Summertime! I’m never more excited to get up and get dressed than in summertime. The good weather instantly makes me feel good and I’m lucky because Vancouver gets pretty amazing weather.

What's your failsafe go-to look if you're not feeling inspired?


For me, you can never go wrong with a blazer, plain white tee and jeans. Tuck your tee in or tie it in a knot ... there are so many to ways to style it, which means that something so simple will never be boring.

What's the last piece you bought?

I just bought the most beautiful dress from Rat&Boa. I’ve been lusting over its dresses for ages and when I saw it was having a flash sale, I couldn’t get onto the website quick enough.

What is the first piece you saved all your pocket money for?

My Jeffrey Campbell studded Litas. They will be part of my wardrobe forever and remind me of the best times.

Where and when do you shop?

Usually, it’s a mix of online and offline stores. My favourites are Topshop, H&M, Zara and NastyGal. I like to pick up trendy pieces through the season, so I will shop two to three times a month. I go to Topshop and H&M for my staple pieces like jeans and T-shirts.


If you have something big coming up, where do you look for a killer outfit?

It all depends on the vibe I’m going for. I find has very unusual pieces when I want something a little different from the norm. Otherwise, I head straight for Zara and Topshop as they don’t usually disappoint.

What do you do with your fashion purchases when you no longer need them?

I like to do a clear out of my wardrobe every season and I usually donate to charity or give to my friends.

What's the last outfit you would wear on earth?

A silky slip dress and trainers. Then I'd be ready for heaven!

What's your best ever bargain purchase?


I just recently picked up the nicest trench coat from H&M for only €40. I couldn’t believe the price tag when I looked at first, because the quality is amazing and the shape is the perfect 80s oversized fit that I love.

What's your favourite fashion memory?

My granddad bought me a cute floral dress when I was a kid. I remember opening the packaging and loving it so much. Then I opened the other side of the packet and the same dress in another colour was there! As a child, it made me so happy having a dress I loved in two colours. I kept those dresses until they literally wouldn’t fit me anymore. That memory always comes into my mind!

Who is the designer you would wear all the time if you won the lotto?

Anything by Sally LaPointe or Ryan Roche.

Where do you seek style inspiration?

For me, it’s always been the movies. In my early teens I would always try to emulate the style I'd see worn by my favourite characters. That approach has stayed with me into my adult years. Pop culture from the 80s and 90s, as well as TV and music always inspire me. And anything with a retro/vintage vibe!


What's the trend you would never be caught dead in?

I say this about a lot of trends but as time goes by I find myself more willing to try the things I never thought I would. So I’m open to trying most trends out at least once.

What about the trend you’d wear until the cows come home?

Trainers with everything!

One thing that’s been on your wish list forever?

The Balenciaga Triple S trainer. Okay, maybe they haven't been on my list forever, but they are definitely on the top of my list! I can’t live without trainers, they are an everyday staple for me and these are the dream.


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