The Art of Dressing for an Occasion with Peter O'Brien

The science of dressing well is about possessing the knowledge of what is appropriate for the occasion. Irish designer Peter O'Brien is a cheerleader for refinement. Here, he reveals how to embody contemporary chic for every occasion.

Women with true style are those who invariably know how to dress for any occasion. Whether it's a first date, gala ball or lunch with old friends, getting the dress code right shows an innate sense of sartorial awareness. In a world of 24/7 athleisure, exacting dress codes offer a chance to stand out in the most effortless way.
Far from being an outdated notion, there's something quite modern about embracing the possibility of what you can communicate through clothes. No one knows this better than Irish designer Peter O'Brien. Having started his career in window display at Arnotts, he soon moved to Paris and worked at iconic fashion houses, Christian Dior and Givenchy, as a senior designer at Chloe?, and as creative director at Rochas. O'Brien's insight should be shared, not just because of his strong fashion lineage, but because he's been dressing women for almost 40 years. O'Brien knows what women want.

Now a freelance designer with a signature style that exudes understated elegance, O'Brien is back to where it all began, at Arnotts, with yet another exclusive capsule collection. Despite claiming a lack of ambition - ?I've drifted along the canoe of life and never really paddled? - the designer has made an indelible mark on the landscape of Irish fashion.
?Peter is one of Ireland's most creative and talented designers, and we are really privileged to collaborate with him,? explains Arnotts ladies fashion director, Deirdre Devaney.
?His flair for design and uncompromising deference to quality ensures that each piece within his collection is covetable.?
O'Brien understands that looking chic is not about having money or following trends, rather deciphering what works for you and fits in with what you already have and love. Here, he offers his tips for contemporary chic, whatever the occasion ...

1. Stand out from the crowd
2. Dress from the inside
3. Sparkle in moderation
4. Invest in star pieces
5. Embrace androgyny
6. Out with OTT
7. Less is more
8. Break the rules


Discover Peter O'Brien's Autumn/Winter collection.

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