Super cool ethical brands you need to know about

Sustainable fashion has never had glamorous connotations. It was a niche market for a niche clientele. But as consumers began demanding better practices from the fashion industry, high-fashion designers, like Gucci and now Chanel, began weaving and stitching sustainability into every gorgeous garment they produce, creating a lower impact on our planet; and reflecting the needs and desires of consumers today.

While I do care about ethical dressing, I was slow welcoming slow fashion into my heart, and my wardrobe. I just couldn’t find sustainable clothing that excited me. Maybe it was my undeniable obsession with Zara, maybe it was ignorance, but whether it was a fabulous coat, great jeans or cute dress, I couldn’t (or refused to) find what I was looking for.

But as more and more designers have begun adapting to society's demands, I’ve started adopting a more eco-friendly lifestyle where possible - without compromising on style, of course - and have been hunting for opportunities to reduce my wardrobe’s environmental impact, even if that just means buying less. In the process, I’ve found four fierce slow fashion brands I had to share with you. So if you’re looking to combine both fashion and ethics, check out my edit below. Whoever said sustainable dressing couldn't be fashionable?

E.L.V Denim

Two tone jean, €328 at



Templeton coat, €253.02 at

Le Kilt

Wool crepe in snow white, €603.94 at



Nelken top in charcoal, €134.42 at

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