Style Crush: Emma Stone

Last night, a bunch of lucky readers gathered for a special screening of Woody Allen's latest, Magic in the Moonlight. It was fabulous!

Set in the roaring '20s, helmed and written by one of the most prolific creatives of our time and starring two of our favourites, Colin Firth and Emma Stone, what really stands out about this movie is the clothes. Oh, how we long for an excuse to don a flapper dress, a dropped waist and a glittering head scarf. And nobody could wear it better than the always affable Emma Stone.

First turning heads when she starred in Superbad, a very different movie, Stone has since gone on to become one of the most sought after and fondly considered actresses in Hollywood, not to mention a fashionable force to be reckoned with.

With designers jumping at the chance to dress her for her various public appearances, her style status, we imagine, will be further elevated with the release of this movie.


Speaking with Vogue, the film's costume designer Sonia Grande said of Stone:?"She is wonderfully spontaneous and an actress of great receptivity for her age... Working with her ??was enormously satisfying and fun.?I always try to involve the actors in the design process because their costumes are something that greatly determines their characters and it is an important narrative to support them in the film. It is nice when good communication between the two is achieved and ideas with one another are shared. This complicity is beautiful."

Speaking of this particular era for fashion, Grande says: The Twenties were the beginning of freedom - fashion was no longer dictated by aristocrats, but by film stars, artists, painters, writers, photographers, jazz, all looking for new forms of expression in that wonderful nerve centre that was Paris during those years," Said Grande. "Twenties fashion represents freedom, modernity and liberation and was somehow the beginning of the democratisation of fashion."

We'd wear these outfits right now, would you?

Magic in the Moonlight is in Irish cinemas now!


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