#ShopIrish Spotlight: McPadden is a new knitwear brand with a mission to make people smile

Supporting Irish business is a passion of ours at Image, and it's easy with so many entrepreneurial and innovative Irish businesses to buy from. From now until Christmas we are highlighting Irish businesses or businesspeople that we are excited about. This week it's McPadden, a brand new knitwear company 

IMAGE: Hi! What is your name, and what is your business?

Maria-Christina: My name is Maria-Christina and my business is McPADDEN, a knitwear company.

How long have you been in business? And what was your mission from the outset?

I launched the business at the beginning of October this year. Its is very a new venture and something I have been wanting to do for a really long time, so I am very excited. The brand McPADDEN incorporates my wish to create a product that is both ethically made, as well as wearable and unique. My mission is to bring back clothes that are made carefully and thoughtfully by crafters. I create bright pieces that last and that people will keep in their wardrobes forever. I love the thought of people wearing clothing that makes them smile.

Of what part of your business are you most proud? 

Definitely the knitwear itself and seeing my pieces worn. It's been so rewarding receiving pictures since we launched and I love seeing the flannel hats and knitted jumpers out in the wild. For me knitwear is all about experimenting; combining different yarns, translating a concept or idea into knitwear, playing with tensions, stitches and yarns to create something unique and I feel that is that has been achieved with this collection.

Who are your business heroes? Personal heroes?

My Mom is definitely both my personal and business hero. She is incredible and has been such an inspiration to me. She is an interior architect and also juggled raising me and my sisters. I don’t know how she does it at all! She moved to Ireland from South America, raised three kids and runs her own business. The amount of detail and hard work that goes into her projects is admirable, she is definitely someone I look up to!

How have you found the last six months? Professionally and personally

Professionally and personally it has been tough at times (as it has been for everyone) but it's also been extremely rewarding as I have had the opportunity to spend time working on this collection. It's been such a challenging time to start a business but the support of my friends and family has kept me focused. I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to work and thankfully my business is all online which allowed me to launch as planned, and the support has been incredible!

What keeps you positive?

My close friends and family definitely keep me positive. I am very fortunate and have some of the best people around me that I can always rely on.

What new perspective (if any) have you gained from 2020?

 Patience in every aspect of life, things take time.
Best/worst moment from 2020?

I have two best moments that stand out. My little sister has come back to Ireland for a while with her fiancé, so its been so great to spend quality time with them and have everyone together. The other was meeting a best friend's baby for the first time after lockdown.

How will you celebrate the holidays this year?

In Dublin. I love Christmas at home and wouldn't want to spend it anywhere else.

Another Irish business you want to shine a spotlight on? 

There are so many great Irish Businesses that it is hard to pick just one! A few I really love are:

Amurelle - An amazing bedsheet company that make cotton and linen premium quality bedsheets.

Ambr eyewear - An Irish eyewear company, they have saved my eyes. I work at a computer and had been getting headaches from staring at the screen.

Emma Rose Floristry - A florist that does incredible wreaths and beautiful jars of mixed and dried flowers.

You can find McPadden knitwear at mcpadden.ie and @mcpadden_

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