Say It Even If You Don't Know How

  • by IMAGE

When it comes to twisted and ill-thought-out displays of emotion I am a dab hand. Thankfully I learnt how to compensate early on, an art-form that has got me out of many a scrape and kept me from being marooned on desert islands and on street corners. Here are a few Valentines ideas for people similarly handicapped as me, who still mean well despite their ineptness…

Fatti Burke | Love Cards Illustrator Fatti Burke has come up with three beauts for V Day. All the sugar with none of the sap, we are loving these. Get them here and get them quick as the sands are running out…

Cocoa Atelier | Pourable Pourable caramel butter for those with a little imagination and who are into sweetened strawberries or sticky sheets. There’s also the Romeo & Juliet for those inclined towards the old-school box of chocs with a touch of class. Cocoa Atelier always pull a good stunt around this time of year, so have a look here and pick out from a wide variety of fluffy, lovey, heart-shaped edibles. 

Sex Siopa | Leaf Fresh Find a fresh way of saying it - Design-led sleek and eco friendly sex toys courtesy of Sex Siopa (interview with Shawna Scott coming up tomorrow) could be a thrilling and unexpected pleasure (so hard to resist cheesy puns). This buzzy item is for Her, comes in washable silicone and it looks super cute.




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