Jennifer Lawrence Style Evolution

From the Hunger Games finale to her new David O'Russell movie, Joy, Jennifer Lawrence is once again on the tip of everybody's tongue. If she's not writing seriously good commentary on the ever-pertinent issue of the pay gap, she's leaving us in fits of giggles on the Jimmy Fallon Show or tripping up, ever so gracefully, on her many red carpet appearances. We could pen a tome as long as Tolkien's, detailing our love for Miss Lawrence, but unless you've been living under a rock, you'll be well aware of this Oscar-winning actress' many strengths.

More recently, J-Law has really come into her own when it comes to style and beauty. No longer does she put the tan in tangerine; she's learned to love her alabaster skin, pairing it with cropped, cool icy blonde locks. From premieres to guest appearances, she's now nailing her look, earning herself major kudos from the fashion glitterati.


Here, we chronicle her style evolution.

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