We have discovered a sustainable fashion brand with perfect wedding guest dresses

We are always on the lookout for a sustainable fashion brand with serious style and we have finally found it

If there's one thing holding a firm place in the consciousness of the fashion world, it's sustainability.

We hear the word every day now. We talk about the dangers and the damage that our current fashion consumption has on the world around us. We try to buy more vintage and have a heightened awareness about the brands we choose to buy into. We endeavour to take a more considered approach and only purchase from brands with a sustainable focus.

This, however, is difficult.


In a world engulfed by fast fashion and the see-now-buy-now collective, the search for stylish and ethical fashion can be an onerous one.

The price of exclusively sustainable brands is a hefty one, and out of reach for the average consumer. Nevertheless, all good things come to those who wait (and search extensively). This means, with some patience, you can happen across an absolute gem that just so happens to be everything you have been looking for.

Sustainable and fashionable

Franks London is an English brand created by former high street designer Frankie Steed, with sustainability an important part of the brand ethos. Made in England and created with upcycled fabrics, every part of the business from the garments to the packaging champions an ethical process.

These are garments meant to be kept forever. To be worn with love, time and time again and never forgotten about. Inspired by the fashions of bygone eras, the brand has a certain Rixo feel about it, with silhouettes that are made to flatter.

The dresses themselves are showstoppers. The 'Claire' satin ruffle midi dress is made from upcycled satin and is the type of dress you wear to a wedding and get inundated with "where did you buy" queries.


Claire satin ruffle midi dress, €255

Meanwhile, the 'Becky' sequin mini wrap dress is the ultimate Christmas party dress.

The brand also understands the casual nature of the modern-day woman. There are easy options, that will move with the woman and work with her busy life. The Patsy satin maxi dress in yellow, paired with a pair of clean white trainers, would make any sartorial heart skip a beat, while the Holli split front maxi dress is the epitome of easy dressing.

Becky sequin mini wrap dress, €267

Patsy maxi satin wrap dress, €238


The Franks London price range is between €200-€300, meaning they are an investment and might need to be saved for – but they are built to last. The idea of mass-production is discarded with each dress made on a limited run of 30 pieces, making them extra special.

There is a small selection available with the brand only launching this season, but we only predict bigger and better things.

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