Gallery: Taylor Swift's Style Transformation

Taylor Swift is at the top of her game in every way. In the last twelve months, she'singlehandedly changed the music industry for the better of her hardworking piers by refusing to take part in Spotify's free streaming service, followed recently by Apple Music; her current album, 1989,?beat the Frozen soundtrack as the top selling album of 2014; she's one of few artists who've managed to shed their country singing roots and cross effortlessly into the mainstream big leagues; she's currently enjoying the sell-out success of her fifth album's world tour (we were there, it was AMAZING); she's a role model to her younger fans in every sense of the word; she's best friends with the world's biggest It girls and she's got Calvin Harris on her arm, who seems totally besotted with her. Recently, Forbes reported that Harris and Swift were the biggest earning celebrity couple of the moment, outdoing Beyonce and Jay-Z who really ought to watch that throne. They have a combined annual income of $146 million. On top of all that, she's super sweet to her adoring fans, taking time to reach out to those who share their stories on social media, she's fast turning us into cat lovers and over the last few years, she has blossomed into a bonafide style icon.

Of course Taylor wasn't always the sartorial maven we know and love today; way back when, it was all about micro-curls, hair mousse, blue eyeshadow and comfortable cowboy boots.

Trawl through our extensive gallery to the right and take a moment to appreciate her glorious style transformation!



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